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Pete Beeman



4 gears, each 32" deep, 100" diameter

stainless steel
weathering steel
tinted reinforced concrete
creeping vines

A public art project for the City of Raleigh NC's NE Remote Operations Facility (NEROF). There are 4 gears of similar size but different style and material standing roadside around the NEROF campus, helping to identify the nuts and bolts function of these city maintenance buildings. One gear is stainless steel, one is reinforced concrete, tinted brick red, one is an open trellis frame made of stainless steel rods, planted with a local creeping vine (selected with help from Raleigh Parks & Rec), and the final one is weathering steel, which will rust with time.

Pete Beeman
Ryan Everson
Cameron Visconty
Jim Beekman

Pete Beeman
kpff Structural Engineers

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